Hello world. My name is Barry Johnson. 

I started out as an auto mechanic. Then after a little more than 30 years, I went to selling tools to other mechanics and tradesmen for another 10 years. With my wife, we raised a daughter and a son who now have sons, daughters, and grandchildren of their own. After the passing of my “other half”, I have time on my hands to ponder the past and create another future for myself.

My first attempt at developing a website was back in 1994. We all remember how easy it was back then, don’t we? My, how things have changed.

I now have three other websites, all for the Concealed weapons carriers among us. They are; https://defensive-handguns.com, https://carryiwb.com, and https://federalgunlaws.info

With this new site, I wanted to bring a different look at life to the online world. I have lived a long time and have seen a lot of changes. I am hoping I can give a little insight to you, my readers and friends, about what I’ve discovered in my years on this Earth, and what may be yet to come. I also would like to share a bit of knowledge about the online world; what’s out there for you to use, what may be good or not so good and give you some choices. I hope this website can be of some use to you. Like everyone else in the world of the web, it would be nice if I could benefit financially, but my main purpose is to help you, if I can in some way, to gain knowledge and experience. Not only from me but also from others I have learned from.

Welcome to my new website and enjoy. I will welcome any comments and suggestions you may have for adding points of interest.